Easiest Breast Self Exam Instructions Ever

Easiest Breast Self Exam Instructions Ever

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in females of developed and industrialized countries. One in just about every 8 females can contract the disease. The causes of breast cancer direct to heredity and various environmental factors which are yet to be explored. Therefore, anybody can pretty much get breast cancer even without having a solid hereditary background. Unfortunately, most patients seek out professional assistance at an advanced phase of cancer, whenthere is very little that can be carried out. The most typical reason for delayed consultation is late discovery of the tumor.

One of the people who can best discover early breast masses is you yourself, and that can basically be done by performing routine breast self examination. It is recommended that women starting at the age of 20 must conduct month-to-month breast self examination weekly after each and every menstruation period. Between ages 20 to 39, females must see a physician at least every 3 years for regular breast exams. By the age of 40, women are suggested to have annual mammograms.

Here are the straightforward methods of doing a breast self examination.

What you need:
- cushion
- mirror

Time required: 10 mins

How to do the breast exam

1. Unclothe your upper body, stand in front of the mirror, and place both hands behind your head. Look for changes in the form or size of your breast and check for dimpling or “pulling in” of the skin and nipples, scaling or rash.

2. With the right hand still at the back of the head, place the 3 center fingers of your left hand on the right breast and press them firmly. Afterwards, do circular motion, starting from the upper outermost portion of the breast working towards the nipple. Note for lumps or any changes of the breast. Continue that motion extending to your armpit.

3. Lightly, squeeze your right nipple with your left thumb and index finger and look for any discharge. Check also the region above your collarbones for enlarged lymph nodes.

4. Do a similar thing with your left breast. (repeat actions 2 & 3)

5. Afterward, lie down, put a pillow under your right shoulder, and put your right arm beneath your head. (Putting your hand under your head should flatten the fatty tissues of the breast, making deeper masses quickly felt.)

6. Once again, using the 3 center fingers of your left hand, massage your right breast moving in circular motion, beginning from the upper outermost portion of the breast, working toward the nipple, then all the way to the armpit. Note for lumps or any changes of the breast.

7. Do a similar thing on your left breast. (repeat method 6)

The main reason why breast examination should be performed, both in standing and lying positions, is that while standing erect , masses in the upper part of the breast are easier to detect, whilst a lying down position will make masses in the lower portion of the breast a lot more quickly detected. Furthermore, It is very best to execute breast self exam a minimum of 5 days after menstruation because at this time, the breast is not anymore engorged and inflamed. Therefore, lumps or masses have high chance to be detected.

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